Strong Member

Quickly understand member engagement at your gym, dojo or studio.

  • Discover oppourtunities to upsell your most enthusiastic members.
  • Receive alerts of at-risk members before they cancel their membership.
  • Ensure member activity matches their contracts.

Streamlined Experience

We believe in beautiful, straightforward software that lets you to focus on running your business.
We bring important information (e.g. contract overusage) to the surface, so you can be confident without data-hunting.

Member Sign-In is Simple

Members can sign themselves in on a computer or tablet with just a few clicks.
Staff members can sign in members too.

Business Review

Receive alerts when a member account needs your attention.

  • If a member signs in to a class that's beyond their contract terms, we send you a silent alert to discuss upgrading their membership.
  • We constantly scan for customers that haven't visited in a while, after 2 weeks (or a custom amount) we'll send you an alert to get in touch with them and encourage them to come back in.
  • Birthday Reminder: we'll tell you a week before (and on) each member's birthday so you can send them a personalized B-Day card.

What we do:

We strive to offer the simplest way to make sure your business is on track, take a look at some of our features:

Self Sign-in

Set up a designated tablet or computer so members can easily sign themselves in. Staff accounts can sign in members, too.

Email Alerts

When important information becomes available, we can send you an email to take action. E.g.: upsell oppourtunities, alerts of absent members, or overusage.

Quick Reports

Understand which classes and trainers are most popular, recognize most active members, bring to light members that haven't visited in a while, and know which contracts are expiring soon.

Accounts for Everyone on your Team

We support individual staff logins so everyone can access the information they need.

Account Security

We take privacy very seriously. Members can sign-in by themselves but can't make edits. Trainers/employees have more priveldges, but only your admin account can make big changes.

Birthday Reminder

As a fun feature, we notify you in advance of each member's birthday so you can send them a postcard in the mail.

Start the Conversation:

We'd love to hear your advice on how to make a better product, or answer any questions you may have!